Transforming Safety with AI and Connectivity

About us

Lizmotors Mobility is a technology start-up focused on the IoT and Mobility space.

Our mission is to build a connected ecosystem that can improve personal safety, increase productivity, and help businesses manage their operation more efficiently.

Lizmotors offers products and services that unlock value for end-users.

Our solution provides a better understanding of customers that helps companies tailor products, develop new services, and increase customer loyalty, broadening channels and access to new customers using a data-driven approach, optimization of pricing across products and services.

Our Projects

We are investing in disruptive technologies for the next horizon of performance improvements such as machine-to-machine digital connectivity, Connected Vehicles, Telematics, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. With our connected ecosystem, customers can tap into the previously unexplored territory, improving a range of services from convenience to overall safety, performance, and profitability.

Vehicle Connectivity

Today when a vehicle leaves the factory, it is just the first version, which will evolve during its lifecycle. It will need to be always connected to receive over-the-air software upgrades and new services for a safer and enriched experience for the user.

ADAS and Safety

ADAS safety features are designed to avoid collisions and accidents by offering technologies that alert the driver to potential problems or to avoid collisions by implementing safeguards and taking over control of the vehicle.

Asset Tracking

Our platform provides a range of benefits that cannot be achieved through paper systems alone. Our solution provides geolocations throughout the journey of a vehicle, which allows for more efficient tracking of fleets and can be used to determine both arrival times and inform any delays that may occur.

Car Sharing

Move away from traditional manual and paper-based car-sharing and renting model. Use our automated system for vehicle access, digital contracts, insurance, and in car digital payments.


Connected logistics and asset management solutions deliver near-real-time visibility and insights from data analytics which includes the location, condition (temperature, humidity), and handling (tilting, dropping, shock, vibration, open box) of packages that can be tracked at an individual level.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine-learning algorithms are growing more powerfully as computing power advances the big data proliferates. Lizmotors is developing various AI/ML models to improve driver and passenger safety, predictive maintenance, and improve fuel economy.